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Prestige Glue 5ml

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Innovative technology

Ultra fast set in 1 second!

Complete cure in 1 hour (vs average adhesives cures completely in 24 hours)

Thicker viscosity for better workability


Ingredients:  Ethyl 2-Cyanoacrylate, PMMA-Poly Methyl Methacrylate, may contain pigment (Carbon Black)

How to use:

- Shake well before each use

- Consume within 1~1.5 months upon receipt of product from us

- Make sure to clean/remove adhesive adhering to the cap or nozzle after each use with lint free wipe, and recap tightly after releasing air inside.

- keep used adhesive container in reclosable pouch along with a desiccant, avoid sun exposure, excess heat and humidity, for the best life cycle of product, keep it in the refrigerator or portable wine cellar etc. with the temperature/humidity control function.

** If you keep used adhesive in the refrigerator, you need to leave adhesive in normal temperature for a while before each use, if adhesive has been in bad state of preservation, degradation process moves faster and you might notice the content (adhesive) becomes white clouded. If you find a problem, pls refrain from using it to your client for safety reasons.    

Miss eye d'or professional adhesive does not contain/use MCA-Methyl cyanoacrylate or Latex due to our safety policy.

Pls refer product features as below:


Client Concerns:

- Fumes from Cyanoacrylates are a vaporized form of cyanoacrylate monomer that may irritate sensitive membranes in the eye, nose and throat.

- About 5% of your clientele will become sensitized to Cyanoacrylate fumes after repeated exposure.  They may experience flu like symptomes, or have an allergic skin reaction (swelling of the eyes and eyelids).

- To minimize these risks, keep your treatment room well ventilated, use Miss eye d'or Nano Protection Cream and Humidifier. 

- The US National Toxicology Program and UK Health and Safety Executive have concluded that the proper use of Cyanoacrylate is safe in the hands of licensed, well-trained and experienced professionals.

- In case of severe skin problems after lash extensions, pls suggest your client to contact a physician immediately.